PLY 130™ Ply Separator

The PLY 130 is used to cut in between the plies of a conveyor belt. This cutting action is often required in preparation before splicing a belt with a splice press. A great advantage of this ply separator is that it can precisely split as deep as 130 mm (5”) in one action. This is especially helpful when splitting very thin belts or belts where the material is difficult to cut, like with thin PU belts. Features and Benefits:

Easy depth adjustment

Excellent repeatability

Prepare finger over finger, stepped, and recessed splices

Capable of splitting belts up to 10 mm thick

Safe and convenient: the splitting machine is provided with one electrical switch for on, off and reversed operation, a foot pedal controls the splitting operation

NOW with convenient cart for mobility throughout the workshop


Optional cart that the Ply 130 mounts to, allowing it to be portable within the workshop.


Belt shops

On-site jobs

PLY 130™ Ply Separator

PLY130-WB-460V3PH60HZ-L16-20 08053 55 LT16-20 Work Bench Model
PLY130-WB-400V50HZ 08102 55 no plug Work Bench Model
PLY130-WB-230V50HZ 08246 55 no plug Work Bench Model
PLY130-WB-460V3PH60HZ-L16-30 08054 55 LT16-30 Work Bench Model
PLY130-WB-460V3PH60HZ 08013 55 no plug Work Bench Model
PLY130-WB-230V3PH60HZ 08046 55 no plug Work Bench Model
PLY130-WB-230V3PH60HZ-L15-20 08055 55 LT15-20 Work Bench Model
PLY130-WB-230V3PH60HZ-L15-30 08056 55 LT15-30 Work Bench Model
PLY-130-CART 08100 38 N/A Workshop Cart